September 20, 2012

The Water Beetles


A Beautiful Story 

I'd like to share with you all a story, based on a message that I read, attributed to an Unknown Author. The basic story was posted in one of the Facebook groups that I belong to, and it touched my heart. I have re-told it here in my own words, and I hope you enjoy it.

Once upon a time, there was a little pond. In this pond, in the muddy water under the lily pads, there lived a happy community of water beetles. They lived a simple and comfortable life in their pond, with few disturbances and interruptions. 

Once in a while, a great sadness would come to this community, when one of their fellow beetles would, without explanation, climb the stem of a lily pad and would never be seen again. They knew when this happened that their friend was dead, gone forever. They grieved for these lost companions, and missed them terribly, as they continued their water beetle activities, living their water beetle lives. 

One day, a little water beetle felt an irresistible urge to climb up one of the stems. He really loved his family, and was determined that he would climb to the other side of the lily pad, but he would not leave forever. He would look around, then come back and tell everyone what he had found at the top. 

The little beetle set out in curiosity and wonder, and even a little fear. When he reached the top, he climbed out of the water onto the surface of the lily pad and found a whole new world of sunshine and blue skies. The trip had been a long one though. He was so tired, and the amazing warmth from the sun felt so good, that he decided he must take a nap, before heading back to his loved ones to tell them how wonderful it was up here. 

As he slept, his little body underwent a miraculous change. He woke to find that he was no longer a water beetle, but had turned into the most beautiful blue-tailed dragonfly, with glorious broad wings and a slender new body designed for flying. This was amazing! 

He flexed his new wings and was suddenly airborne. His world had always been one of happiness in his muddy little pond, but now as he soared into the clear blue sky, he found a completely new world. This new life was so much more wonderful than his old one, and he was so free! 

Then, he remembered his beetle friends, and how by now they must be thinking that he had died. He really needed to go back and tell them that he wasn't gone, only changed, and that he was more alive now than he had ever been before. His life hadn't ended, but had been fulfilled. 

Unfortunately, he discovered that his new body couldn't go back down under the water. He wouldn't be able to get back and tell them all the good news. Then he looked down as another water beetle fell asleep on a lily pad, and he understood that the time would come when all of his family and friends would join him in this new life, they would understand the things he did, and they would all be together again.

With joy in his heart he flew off into the clear sky, ready for the happiness, freedom and new adventures that awaited this fresh and glorious existence. 

A Powerful Analogy 

While this simple little story doesn't encompass the depth of emotion that losing our loved ones carries, it is a wonderful reminder that one day, we'll all get to enjoy a better place than this life of muddy water. May you keep hope and love alive inside you, even when one of your loved ones climbs that stem and disappears on the other side of the lily pads.

A simple wish,

From Grandpa's Heart ...


  1. dad i swear you always find things to post that make me cry.... i love you so much... im so glad u decided to post all these things that will last forever!!!!

  2. well is didnt make me cry but it really did show to me the passing onto heaven in a way as u come through the muddy water and harshness that this life is compared to the glory and freedom that u get when u have the courage to do what it takes to get there and even if its hard u you miss your loved ones at the time u know that they will to rise above the murky water and grow glorious wings that will lift them off to greater places watching from above... idk it just reminds me of angels because you go to sleep and wake up in a new world

  3. Well you did it again, I love your stories. Most of them make me cry too but your words are amazing

  4. So very touching. Brought tears to my eyes. The analogy at the end is so moving and really pulls your post all together. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Gives me hope and a better view on everything especially when I am down. I love you!