April 15, 2019

Grandpa Is Still Here!

The Busiest Old Guy In Town

It has been a while since I have been here. When I started this blog, almost seven years ago, I wrote a lot of posts, and a lot of you started following me. I wanted to say some important things to my family and friends after my heart attack, and was in a rush to get them all written down, just in case. Then life started rolling along again, and the busier I got, the less frequent my posts became.

In 2015 I joined a group of writers, and through that association I met Mandy Melanson. She is now my business partner, a member of my adopted family, and I feel blessed to count her among my best friends. The company we started is growing and keeps us very busy. As a result I have ignored updating this platform, but that is something I intend to correct.

The truth is, I still write a lot, but most of my writing these days is in the form of short flash fiction, poetry, and documents and posts for our company, RhetAskew Publishing.  I have found a couple platforms and associations on the internet to store my smaller work. The biggest group of these archived entries is at THEPROSE.COM. I have also published a new book of poetry though RhetAskew and it is available online.

A New Series

I am going to start posting my favorite fiction stories and poems here, as well as my messages of hope, love, and happiness. These new posts will still be From Grandpa's Heart . . . but they will be labeled as Grandpa's Poems and Tales, and I am going to start posting them 2 or 3 at a time, once a week.

I will still be interspersing the more traditional posts, and I sincerely hope you enjoy all of my ramblings, both the emotional and deep, as well as the fictional stories, scenes, and genre poems.

Reach Out and Let Me Know

I spend most of my time online, on one social media platform or another, and while I am often deep in the never-ending production work of publishing books, I am almost always available in Messenger chat, or by email. Here is a list of links where you can find me, and most of my works:

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The Big List of My Collected Works

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