November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday ... To Me!

The Big Five-Oh ... WHAT?

Last week I had a birthday. It wasn't a big deal, and was actually kind of quiet, since Grandma was sick with a stomach bug. But as I went to bed that night, it dawned on me ... I just turned 50!

Never again will I be 40-something ... and even though I don't feel any older, I'm not very far from being eligible for the senior discount at the mall, and I'm twice the age that some pro football players retire at!

Sigh ...

So how did I cope with this dawning realization that OLD actually happens, and contrary to popular wisdom is NOT just a state of mind? ... Well, I did what I tend to do when my brain starts working overtime .. I wrote a poem ... lol.

 The Young Me Inside

A very young grandfather, (that's me),
Said one day, "This just can't be!
    I stood and I gazed
    In my mirror, amazed,
As a 50 year-old stared back at me!"

"An entire half-century old ...
I don't look it, or so I've been told.
    Although, I have found
    When the snow flies around,
There's a spot on my head that gets cold!"

Now my heart once did hiccup, that's true,
And the gray in my beard is a clue -
    I'm no longer a youth ...
    And I must tell the truth ...
There are some things I can no longer do.

I could run when I was a boy,
And trees, I could climb them like toys ...
    These now I can't do,
    See, it's sad, but it's true,
These days, a healthy bowel-movement's a joy!

Now, my grandkids all make me so proud,
But they play their darn music too loud!
    I must officially complain,
    With all these new aches and pains,
Getting old should just not be allowed!

I mean aging is great ... for a wine,
But for me, it should be a crime!
    I mean, maybe it's pride,
    But stuck deep inside
I'm just a boy turning 10 the 5th time!

(c) 2013 Dusty Grein

The Best Benefit

The very best part of getting older is being able to become more empathetic to the troubles and turmoils that others face in their lives, and having gained a small amount of wisdom, to be able to pass it on to those who are following in your footsteps.With every sunrise, each of us get one day older, but that just means we get one day longer to love each other.

I hope that I remember to cherish each day, and year, as the gifts from God that they are ... And with His blessings, I'll check back in again soon, and share more thoughts, love and wisdom, straight ..

From Grandpa's Heart ...

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