A New Life

~ written while Mommy was pregnant ~
Mommy and Jazzmyn
January, 2001

With the blending of two souls,
     In a dance as old as time
A spark ignites, and a cell divides;
     A baby - hers and mine.

Conceived in a moment of utter joy,
     A new and shining life
Begins to make it's presence known
     Deep inside my wife.

Soon the little flutters start
     As miniature muscles twitch;
The first kicks then are seen and felt
     Causing skin to stretch and itch.

The mystery is half the fun,
     A girl? A boy? Who knows...
A healthy baby's all we want
     And pray for as it grows.

Watching as her tummy swells
     And trying out new names;
We await the arrival of our little one,
     But not the labor pains!

(c) 2001 Dusty Grein